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Uniform; items available

According to the managers, the following wrestlers still need to hand in uniforms (shorts, shirt, warmup, headgear if you used one of ours):

Zach, Gabe, Ben S.
You may bring them to my classroom. Please include a note so I know whose it is.
Thanks to everyone! Uniform return is going very well so far!
I have a couple lost and found items, and I have some warmups from previous years available, as well as a sample uniform that would be useful for out-of-season wrestling.
I will have everything out at the banquet and they will be for sale on the spot
sweat pants or jacket - $5
damaged item - $1
uniform - $15

Wrestling Banquest Moved to March 12

The Wrestlers' Feast has been moved to Tuesday, March 12, still 6:30 PM.

The location will be either in the gym or in the academic commons. 
Looking forward to celebrating an awesome year!
Jen Vega volunteered to help organize the food; please watch for emails from her or contact her if you want to give more help. (

Practice Note - Tues, 1/22

To hopefully stay ahead of the weather, wrestling practice will end early at 4:15 PM.

There will be no study hall. Drive slowly and safely, and pray for safe travels for everyone.

Monday Practice - 1/7/19

Practice Monday is the usual time of 3:15-5:25.  Please head to the weight room and if Mr. Patterson isn't there yet, warm up with Mr. Hunter and get started.  I have a treatment so will not be there.  Please pray that the treatment is effective.

Friday Practice - Weight-room Only

Slight change to Friday's schedule - we will still do our scheduled weight room session on Friday from 3:15-3:45 and be done after that. If that creates any problems with transportation, please let me know.

Wrestler & Manager Emails

The coaches would like to keep a list of wrestler and manager emails for communication on competition days.

Numbers will be used only for wrestling and travel-related communication. For example, they will be used to contact the student in the case we are waiting for them to board the bus or are making drop off arrangements.

Parents, please reply with two things:

1. Please indicate if coaches have permission to use student cell phone numbers to communicate with them in connection with wrestling events.

2. Please share the students' cell phone number (If you are uncomfortable doing this over email, they can share it with me directly or in writing.

Shirt Orders Due 12/3

Shirt orders are due by midnight tonight.

Re: Practice on Tuesday, Nov. 27

Hope everyone is enjoying your day off!  Here are a couple important things to remember about tomorrow's practice:

- After the long weekend, it is especially important to get a workout in on your own today to maintain conditioning. (Shoveling would not be a bad start.) :)

Tomorrow is the last time to take the skinfold test to be eligible for competition on Thursday.  I think everyone but Nick is complete, but let me know if that's not accurate. If you need to take the test, drink lots of water toward the end of the day and head right to Milan's office by the gym directly after school. 
1. Tomorrow is a study hall day, so everyone (including managers) should go to my classroom after school with Chromebook as quickly as possible.
2. During study hall, we will be entering email addresses for our crowdfunding campaign, so please bring your list of 20 potential supporters and email addresses.

Wrestling Info

Sorry about the lack of communication, but I am still catching up! Watch for more coming soon.  For now, please be aware that next week's schedule is Monday & Tuesday until 5:25, and Wednesday until 4:30.  I am working on the craft fair over Thanksgiving weekend, which we usually help with, so please watch for more details on that as well.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Additional Comment re 1/19 Invite

There WILL be a 1 Pound allowance due to Germantown.

Parent / Coach Resources

Here are some resources for parents of athletes to help them "keep the fun" in sports as they compete.  There are a number of free resources available on the web site.  I've looked at a few of them, and they seem worthwhile and fit in with our program's goal of promoting the overall welfare and development of the athlete.  Enjoy!

A good read on the importance of high school wrestling.

Wrestling Pre-Season Parent Information Form To Be Completed

Parents: Please fill follow the link to fill out this form - it will only take a couple minutes!

Wrestlers & managers: If your parents did not get this form, please forward it to them.

If you or your child is definitely not participating in wrestling or managing, please email me and I will remove you from the mailing list.

The survey is also available at

If you have trouble, you can fill it out in Google Forms.

Earliest Day to Practice

Paul Brug

Paul Brug

Head Wrestling Coach

Phone: (262) 859-2595

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