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Game 1: @ Milwaukee Hamilton


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News and Notes: SLFB Preseason Week 2

I had a parent ask to see some of the pictures I took with my phone on Friday at the Naval Base. Here's a link if you're interested: Naval Base 2019
Here is the link to view this week's News and Notes document: SLFB Preseason Week 2
Please remember that we now start practicing in the afternoons as we start at 3pm and finish at 6:30pm this week. 
The biggest item of note is that we have decided to pull out of the JV scrimmage which was scheduled for Saturday morning at Kettle Moraine Lutheran HS. With the smaller number of upperclassmen that we have, all of our sophomores will see action in the varsity scrimmage on Friday morning at WLC. It would not be safe to have our sophomores scrimmage two mornings in a row nor would it be wise for our freshmen to have play every snap of the JV scrimmage against the sophomores of the bigger schools with whom we compete. 
As a result, we will ask all of the freshmen to come with the varsity on Friday morning to WLC for the varsity scrimmage. We may ask a couple of them to also suit up for the varsity scrimmage in order to see a little bit of action near the end of each scrimmage session. Our coaching staff will determine exactly whom will suit up early this week. The rest of the freshmen will be asked to help out in various ways such as working the first down chains and filming the scrimmage. 
For those of you who look forward to playing in and watching JV games this year, I believe as of now we will still be able to play our JV schedule as is. This scrimmage weekend is just very tough for us to handle as the programs we scrimmage (Kettle Moraine Lutheran, Lakeside Lutheran, and Milwaukee Lutheran) are all much bigger in number than ours, particularly at the JV level. Once we get into competing with our conference opponents, we hopefully will match up much better. No matter what decisions are made, please know that they are made with our players' best interests in mind. 
Final note on a different topic: our online clothing store at closes tomorrow night. Remember to use the code PACERS19 to gain access to the store. 
If you have any questions, please contact me. Have a great week and Go Pacers!

2019 Pacer Football Calendar

This is our current (as of 7/9/19) calendar for June-November.