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Football News & Notes - Week 10

While our game schedule has come to an end, our season isn't over just yet. We still have some things to take care of and they are listed in this week's News and Notes
I made a note in the document about the weather forecast for Monday (significant rain) and how that may affect our plans for the week. All of our players should be prepared to be with us after school until 5:00pm on both Monday and Tuesday regardless of weather. Both days they should have workout clothing and shoes for sprinting. I would also recommend bringing some warm clothes that can get dirty as Tuesday afternoon will likely be pretty cold while we finish our outdoor clean up work. 
Any questions, please let me know. Have a great rest of your weekend and Go Pacers!

PACERS at Dominican - Game Pictures

From Kevin Woller ( -
Here is the final installment from this season of Pacer Football. 

Football News & Notes - Week 9

Here is the link to this week's News and Notes. Couple of items to note:
  • JV plays at home on Monday evening against St. Thomas More. JV players should meet with the rest of the team right after school for our final Built for Service devotion with Pastor Brug. 
  • Monday night's JV game is the last game for the JV. 
  • Wednesday night is the second night of parent-teacher conferences.
  • As a result, team dinner and devotion will happen on Thursday instead.
  • Friday night's varsity game at Dominican is the final game of the season.
  • Next Monday we will have our players return all of their equipment and clean out the locker room and storage sheds.


From Kevin Woller ( - This week's photos can be found here:

Wins always give me a bit of an adrenaline rush, so photos tend to get uploaded quicker! Here are tonight's photos from our game vs. Saint Thomas More:


Due to the excessive rain we have received in the last few weeks and especially last night and today, our game field is relatively flooded. As a result, we have moved tonight's varsity game against St. Thomas More to Union Grove HS and their turf field. Kickoff is still scheduled for 7pm. We will bus the team over to Union Grove and then bus them back after the game. You are welcome to take your sons home directly from UGHS after the game but please be sure to sign them out like any other away game.  

Football News & Notes - Week 8

Here is the link to this week's News and Notes. Relatively "normal" schedule this week with Monday JV game, Wednesday team dinner, and Friday varsity game. Thursday we have our special "Jersey Night" ceremony for seniors and their fathers. 

If you have any questions, please let me know. Have a great weekend and Go Pacers!

PACERS at St Catherine's & vs St Joseph - Game Pictures

From Kevin Woller ( - This week's photos can be found here:
Happy Friday! Below are the photos from last night's game vs. St. Cat's. I've also included the St. Joe's game that I just got finished up as well (sorry for the delay, but I had a trip to the left coast).
vs. St. Cat's

Football News & Notes - Week 7

Here is the link to this week's News and Notes. Items of note:
  • No School tomorrow (Monday) but we still have a JV game and Varsity practice
  • The JV game with St. Joe's will be run like a controlled scrimmage tomorrow night so don't be alarmed at the "weird" format. 
  • We will have our team dinner on Wednesday night this week and we will be taking the team to Golden Corral in Kenosha. I will drive a bus to transport our team to and from Golden Corral. The football program will pick up the tab so don't worry about the cost. We will aim to be back to Shoreland between 6:45pm and 7:00pm. Players are welcome to drive themselves to the restaurant and leave to go home directly from there. 
  • We have another Thursday night varsity game this week. Friday the varsity will have the day off but we would like the JV players to lift weights after school. Contact me if Friday afternoon transportation is an issue. 
Thanks for all of your patience with the craziness of having to move our homecoming game from Friday night to Saturday afternoon. Hopefully the weather cooperates the rest of the year as it has been pretty good to us so far. 
Due to the potential for adverse weather conditions, our varsity football game against St. Joe's has been moved from tonight to SATURDAY, 1:00PM, still here at Shoreland. 
More details about tomorrow's game will be sent out soon but I wanted to get the official word out as soon as possible. Stay tuned. 


Just wanted to make you aware that we are having discussions about moving tonight's game up to 5:00pm or 5:30pm due to the potential thunderstorms in the forecast. Not that we will stay dry by moving up the kickoff but we would give ourselves a better chance of completing the game in the event of lightning delay(s). Nothing official yet but wanted to let you know early that it might happen. 

Football News & Notes - Week 6

Here is the link to the updated News and Notes for this week. Sorry to get it out a little later than usual as my weekend has been a whirlwind of traveling to Minnesota and back for a funeral Saturday. 

This is homecoming week so there are several items of note with brief explanations:
  • Monday the JV team plays at Martin Luther. They are dismissed early from class in order to bus up to the game which kicks off at 4:30pm
  • Team Dinner and Devotion will be on THURSDAY this week as Wednesday night is the Homecoming Powder Puff games and Pacerpalooza which will start after our practice ends. 
  • Friday is not only special because it's Homecoming but also because we battle Kenosha St. Joseph for the Lighthouse Trophy which stays in the winning team's school building for the entire year. 
  • Saturday is the homecoming dance. Players, make good decisions and take care of each other. Parents, please help them to make good decisions by making your sons give you detailed plans for the evening. 
  • SUNDAY WE HAVE PRACTICE IN THE AFTERNOON. We play another Thursday night varsity game the following week and want to be as prepared as possible. Originally, I had team church, brunch, then walkthrough on the calendar but seeing as many of the guys will be scattered around at different houses after the dance, I will leave it up to them to worship and eat lunch on their own before coming to Shoreland at 12:30pm. 
  • MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30TH WE DO NOT HAVE SCHOOL. We still have practice that afternoon for the varsity and a JV home game that evening against St. Joseph. I emphasize this one so that you can start to figure out transportation plans for your sons without the convenience of being bussed to school that morning. 
Blessings on your week and please contact me if you have any questions about the schedule. Go Pacers!

PACERS at Martin Luther - Game Pictures

From Kevin Woller ( - This week's photos can be found here:

Football News & Notes - Week 5

Here is the link to the Week 5 News and Notes. One major item to note is that Tuesday is Picture Day. All fall sports teams have their individual and team photos taken Tuesday afternoon and we get the 4:30pm time slot. As such, our practice end time will be 6:30pm instead of the usual 6:00pm. For parents who are new to the program and might be interested in purchasing your son's photo, I will be honest and say that I have no idea how that works. Please direct all picture questions to our athletic director, Mr. Matthew Grow ( Speaking of pictures, quick mid-season shout out to Kevin Woller and Jarrod Erbe for their collections of outstanding action photos that they take at all of our games. Thank you to both of you for sharing those with all of us!
Have a great week and Go Pacers!

PACERS at Catholic Central - Game Pictures

From Kevin Woller ( - This week's photos can be found here:!AjB76oaQM4Ok2y3g8J_bzkJsnqO6 

Football News & Notes - Week 4

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far. Here is the link to this week's news: Week 4 News and Notes
We finally have a "regular" schedule with a JV game on Monday and varsity game on Friday. The "regular" schedule means we also get to have Pastor Brug come in and lead a devotion on Monday as part of our Built for Service program. 
Please contact me if you have any questions. Have a great week and Go Pacers!


From Kevin Woller ( - This week's photos can be found here:

If you've missed any previous games, they can be found as follows:
WLC Scrimmage:
vs. MKE Hamilton:
vs. Johnson Creek:


Thank you to all of the parents who were able to come to the game last night and be recognized. Your sons love you and appreciate you even if they don't tell you nearly enough. 
Here are the Week 3 News and Notes. Make special note of the fact that we have practice on Monday evening (Labor Day) at 6:00pm. If you are going out of town for the long weekend, hopefully the later practice allows you to still be here on Monday night. 
Players (and parents to an extent), 11 of you are still significantly lacking in providing email addresses for our fundraiser. We need 20 email addresses from everyone to make our fundraiser effort as successful as possible. It's a lot easier than going door to door and trying to sell frozen pizzas or Subway gift cards so take a few minutes this weekend to do your part. If you have questions, contact me and I will do my best to help or will pass those questions along to Dan at Snap! Raise. 
Have a great Labor Day weekend! Go Pacers!


From Kevin Woller ( - Here is a link to this week's photos. Let me know if you have any trouble opening them.

Have a great weekend! Enjoy!

Football News & Notes - Week 2

Here are your Week 2 News and Notes
Couple highlights and things to keep in mind:
  • Tomorrow, Sunday, we have practice at Shoreland 11:30am until 2:00pm. We will provide lunch for the guys while we watch film. Make sure to have running shoes for the sake of weightlifting and speed training. Players are also welcome to join for worship at 10am at Bethany Lutheran Church in Somers which is about 5 minutes from Shoreland. 
  • Monday our JV team will play their first game at Brookfield Academy at 5:00pm. Players will be dismissed before the end of 8th set class and then the bus will depart at 2:45pm. All freshmen and nearly all sophomores will go to the JV game. We will create and share the official JV roster after practice tomorrow. 
  • Thursday we play our first varsity home game of the year which is also when we traditionally celebrate you, the parents. All parents are welcome to attend the game and be recognized at halftime with your sons out on the field. During the week I will ask each player to confirm your availability so that the announcer has an accurate roster of who is there. 
  • Our online fundraiser commences this week. I will send out a separate communication about that later so keep an eye on your email this weekend. 

PACERS at Hamilton - Game Pictures

From Kevin Woller ( - Here's a link to some of the photos I took at last night's game. Please let me know if there are any issues accessing them and please feel free to share with whomever might be interested.

Bus departure for Hamilton game - 8/22/19

Having heard today from Milwaukee that we won't have access to a locker room at South Stadium until 6:30pm tomorrow, we will be changing the bus departure time. Previously it was scheduled to leave at 4:15pm. Now, we will push that back to 5:00pm instead. 
A handful of freshmen spoke to me today about coming on the bus to the game. They are not required to come but are welcome to do so and if they do, they will be asked to take on various roles on the sideline much like they did at the scrimmage. 

For all parents, if you plan on taking your son home directly from South Stadium after the game, please be sure to sign him out before you do so. Coach Strutz will have a sign out sheet.

Football News & Notes - Week 1

Here is the link to the updated News and Notes: SLFB Week 1 News
Major items of note:
  • Monday is our last practice before school officially starts on Tuesday (for new students) and Wednesday (for returning students). 
  • Tuesday we will have our first team dinner after practice. Goal is to be done by 6:30pm.
  • Wednesday we should be done with practice a little earlier than usual. Goal is 5:30pm
  • Thursday we have our first varsity game. Uniforms will be distributed on Wednesday after practice. Freshmen are not required to attend the game on Thursday night but are welcome to do so. 
  • Friday we do not have practice. 
  • Sunday we will have practice from 11:30am-2:00pm. I also would strongly encourage as many players as are able to join for worship at Bethany Lutheran church in Somers at 10am that morning.

PACERS at WLC Scrimmage - Game Pictures

From Kevin Woller ( - WLC scrimmage photos can be found here:

News and Notes: SLFB Preseason Week 2

I had a parent ask to see some of the pictures I took with my phone on Friday at the Naval Base. Here's a link if you're interested: Naval Base 2019
Here is the link to view this week's News and Notes document: SLFB Preseason Week 2
Please remember that we now start practicing in the afternoons as we start at 3pm and finish at 6:30pm this week. 
The biggest item of note is that we have decided to pull out of the JV scrimmage which was scheduled for Saturday morning at Kettle Moraine Lutheran HS. With the smaller number of upperclassmen that we have, all of our sophomores will see action in the varsity scrimmage on Friday morning at WLC. It would not be safe to have our sophomores scrimmage two mornings in a row nor would it be wise for our freshmen to have play every snap of the JV scrimmage against the sophomores of the bigger schools with whom we compete. 
As a result, we will ask all of the freshmen to come with the varsity on Friday morning to WLC for the varsity scrimmage. We may ask a couple of them to also suit up for the varsity scrimmage in order to see a little bit of action near the end of each scrimmage session. Our coaching staff will determine exactly whom will suit up early this week. The rest of the freshmen will be asked to help out in various ways such as working the first down chains and filming the scrimmage. 
For those of you who look forward to playing in and watching JV games this year, I believe as of now we will still be able to play our JV schedule as is. This scrimmage weekend is just very tough for us to handle as the programs we scrimmage (Kettle Moraine Lutheran, Lakeside Lutheran, and Milwaukee Lutheran) are all much bigger in number than ours, particularly at the JV level. Once we get into competing with our conference opponents, we hopefully will match up much better. No matter what decisions are made, please know that they are made with our players' best interests in mind. 
Final note on a different topic: our online clothing store at closes tomorrow night. Remember to use the code PACERS19 to gain access to the store. 
If you have any questions, please contact me. Have a great week and Go Pacers!

2019 Pacer Football Calendar

This is our current (as of 7/9/19) calendar for June-November.

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